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From Pisces to Aquarius

Have you seen how many of us are moving this year? or divorcing ? or quitting their jobs ? There are of course the ones that are stable (now) after last years shake down, but most of us are taking the big move this year – and it’s not over. 2019 still has a couple of months for us to take a stance.

While we are all very busy with our own personal lives, it is hard not to see that there are obvious collective shifts happening at the same time. Something larger is at stake here, namely a societal shift. How many of you started taking up a healthy routine, a yoga practice, a transcendental meditation class or just regular sports, dance or fitness? If it isn’t Mindfulness training or NVC non violent communication tools, maybe you’ve finally looked into Self Management tools or how to manage and lead your business with the third eye ? We all have heard about Chakras today, and know that if we curse we attract negative energy. Even our kids are aware that “what goes around comes around”. How many of us have heard of the law of attraction or read the 4 Toltec rules of Don Miguel Ruiz? The Secret? We all have our motivational podcast or our feel good Spotify playlist to keep the spirits high and positive. Big schools of thought like Kundalini Yoga or Access Consciousness are minting money nowadays with their teacher training, bringing people to a higher awareness and sharing the tools to master the Self AND the laws of the Universe. There have never been so many people involved in the well being industry! Massage parlors, Tantra specialists, Healers, Therapists, Astrologers, Shamans, Channels (even online!), Tarot card readers, people trying sacred latin American medicinal treatments like Ayuasca (plant) or Cambo (frogs venom). Of course not all of them are recommendable, and there is a lot out there. But on the whole we are attracted to know more about the invisible, and have come to the conclusion that there is more to what meets the eye.

This is what we call a quantum leap. Slowly slowly we are all up leveling to a better version of ourselves, healthier bodies, healthier minds, more educated, aware and conscious. Even our vocabulary, the semantics have changed. Today we use words like “energy”, “feelings” , vocabulary from neuroscience or Freudian or Jungian words such as “consciousness” and “subconscious mind” and a whole bunch of Indian or philosophical words much more than before. If we look at it from a larger perspective it is our whole society that is shifting. We are becoming a more conscious one, a less selfish one, a more supportive one too. The massive download and accessibility to spiritual practices, have proven so. Now we have easy access to the ancestral Art of meditation, self mastery and even shifting energies.

Internet has contributed big time to this shift! We have YouTube videos from the biggest yogis, spiritual teachers or just wise people that went through hardship and came out of it, sharing messages of hope and support. We have TedX: people from all over the world sharing their experiences with life. All the secret tools only very highly educated Sannyasin had access to, are now shared to the masses (if they have enough money to pay for it). This is a shift of mentality, a huge sociological shift. What was once an instrument of power has now become information, and is available to the masses. People can get themselves out of depression much faster than before, numerous cases of cancer recovery have been revealed (watch HEAL on Netflix). Quantum healing and energetic healing are becoming popular because people realize that we are all connected somehow and that we are energy, and that it is obvious that clusters of bad energy create dis-ease. More and more people go for oriental therapies such as acupuncture, acupressure, or even massage. It is a well-know fact today that stress is the most dangerous health disruptor. SO we are all taking better care of ourselves.

Higher degree of awareness, self reflexivity brings a lot of information with it. So how do we navigate with this massive load of information ? We only have 24 hours in a day. Well we go straight to the point. We don’t lose time with unnecessary headaches on our negative aspects. We hold space for ourselves and keep success diaries (where we write positive stuff that happened everyday to feed the unconscious and conscious mind with fresh and juicy information, keep it happy). We are more observant of our thoughts and know what we are attracting as we speak or even just think. We are eating more consciously because we know the impact of food on our system. Many of us even looked into vegetarianism, veganism or ayurvedic counseling. This was material from Mars not so long ago! We are aware of the impact of our shopping on the planet, be it food or clothes, we all try to be more consistent and preserve our planet (we try!). We compost, we sort our garbage, we give blood, we give our used clothes and unwanted Christmas presents to the poorer. Many of us volunteer ( if you’re still looking for a space to contribute), help their neighbors. Some of us sold their cars and ride a bike, or use collective transportation for ecological and financial reasons. Uber and Airbnb have proven to be part of the game change too. Anybody can do anything. You have a car, you can drive people around. You have a spare room: you can rent it at a cheaper price. You know something? you can share it on a YouTube channel or start an online class.

Amidst the urban noise, and the collective swarming, it is important we stay centered however. Some of us will lose our partners, will lose our jobs, will have to move houses or even countries, will navigate through disease or loss. Self-centeredness in these challenging times is the key to proper navigation. It is in the silence of our reconnection to self that we can assess our next step, our next words, and our next proposal. In that secure space we can be observant of our vibration, of our contribution to life, and readjust or just acknowledge. When we are in silence, behind closed eyes, we access invaluable information that we cannot hear when our eyes are swallowing up the daily load of information (through our eyes, computers, cell phones). Just breathing in and out consciously will relax our mind. Relaxing our mind is the first step to recovering peace and objectivity. It is not necessary to slave ourselves to drama and trauma anymore. It is a conscious choice to drive ourselves to a nicer mental place and state of ease and joy. This is one choice we have, day after day, and a decision we can take, minute after minute. As long as we are breathing we can choose to listen to our breath, listen to our silence and just be. Feel the ground under our feet, the sky over our head, and our bodies in the middle, experiencing a physical life. Breath is the essence of life. Breath is our life insurance. We should be treating it like a daily miracle. Because it is. Do you realize how many connections are needed to perform this simple act everyday ? and it just happens naturally. We don’t have to breath, it just happens ! amazing isn’t it ? So if we look at the magical side of it all: in the end of the day, Life is just another experience of the soul. Let’s relax, let us experience life without interfering too much. Let’s clean up our internal neurotic mess, respect ourselves more, respect the walking magic we are, respect our needs and beliefs, be aligned with our Source and navigate towards joy. Let’s let Life run through us instead of running after life. Sat Nam.

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