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How to choose the right massage?

Did you know that massage has benefits on the body but also psychological benefits?

Touch is a precious sense that puts us in direct contact with our intimacy. A lot of information passes through the touch of the patient's skin: its warmth, its texture, but also its vibration. The patient also receives information through the therapist's touch, which can provide, depending on the case, immediate relief or an adjustment that can take a little time. The touch can be soft, enveloping and soothing or deep, sustained, and almost painful, depending on the approach chosen. By acting on the body, massage has positive effects on the mind, attention, awareness and decision-making. It brings new energy to the patient by:

• giving him total well-being

• the relaxant

• bringing him relaxation and good humor

• helping him to fight against stress, anxiety and depression

However, it is necessary to know how to choose the type of massage in harmony with the needs of the body at a given moment. There are different types of massages adapted to different needs:

1. Need to relax muscles : after a long day, tensions, psychological tensions, after intensive sports training, or traveling by plane or train, body aches etc. In this case, we recommend a traditional Indian massage with hot oil. It will give you muscle relief, and an immediate benefit in terms of psychic relaxation, deep relaxation. It can be administered with an essential oil appropriate to your needs (see the benefits of essential oils)

2. Need to "clear your head" If you are going through a complicated period, and you have relationship or professional problems, you are burnt out, you want to find meaning in your daily life, you are in a period of life transition, or you simply have too much everything: in this case we recommend the energy treatment (also called "Bars" because it stimulates certain energy bars located on the head). This treatment essentially works on the Chinese medicine meridians located on the skull. Thanks to certain points activated, it will allow you to restore order at the level of the storage space of the hard disk. Our energy body truly plays the role of protector of the physical body. As a result, any weakening of this energy body leads, at a certain time, to a vulnerability of the physical body: fatigue sets in for a long time and illness can take over.

Energy care balances the energy system of the human being by harmonizing the functioning of its energy centers (see also: the role of the chakras) and by eliminating the blockages of its supply channels (vessels, meridians and nadis) .  

3. Need to reconnect with your body, to its vitality, find joy: in this case, we recommend the massage of the 5 elements. It's a more sensual, naughty massage. We play with the sensations of the body: the rhythm, the different touches, the hot, the cold. It combines softness, depth and lightness. We come out with awakened senses.

In general, we are attracted to the treatment and the person who suits us at the right time. Trust your intuition, your instincts. Let yourself be guided by desire. If it's an unpleasant experience, you'll come away with a life lesson, vital information meant for you, helping you grow. If the experience was pleasant, it's because you just needed a good moment of relaxation, serenity and deep appeasement. Have a good trip ...

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