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How to protect yourself and keep your vibratory rate high?

as a colleague said in a recent article (Maud) fear lowers our vibratory rate, and so does contact with negativity. However, a high vibratory rate protects us from illness, quantum physicists tell us.

So what to do?

1. Take "immunity" baths regularly a handful of EPSOM salt (in large areas), a handful of baking soda, 3 capfuls of organic sesame oil, 1/2 cup of milk, 15g of relaxing essential oils (orange blossom, real lavender, petit grain bigarade , or pink).

2. Practice GRATITUDE

the best way to get out of anguish and fear is to regularly name the beauties and gifts of life. Even the smallest and most insignificant (like the ray of sunshine that comes to dazzle you in your room in the morning, it's a gift! or the super long hug from your child one morning).

3. Practice conscious breathing or mantra chanting

for that see tutorials on youtube or this one for example

at least 1-2 x per week! or simply sing (his favorite jazz tune)!

here is a link to my current favorite playlists on Spotify.

4. To take some fresh air

at least 30 min a day, breathe clean air. You can take the opportunity to listen to your favorite music, or a podcast, or walk mindfully and listen to your breathing, or observe the breakdown of each movement during walking (mindfulness).

5. Practice a bodily activity

at least 30 min a day of yoga, gentle gymnastics, CHi Gong.

Here are some examples: yoga routine, facial chi gong routine or dance

I also regularly offer live Yoga and Dance classes via FB or Insta on Jade's Boudoir

6.Using Crystals, Essential Oils, and Fudging

Crystals such as White Crystal and Selenite have a purifying effect on the aura and ambient energy simply place them near you at bedtime, or in your bag or pocket when traveling

the salt stone (orange stone) is used to clean the room's negative ions, it is often seen in treatment rooms or children's rooms.

fudging with dried sage (from Canada) is also used to cleanse the energies

and the Palo santo (sacred wood of Latin America) is used to refocus and bring back healing

Simply burn these woods or branches in an earthenware or bronze container. Then ventilate the room to let the obsolete energies escape.

essential oils such as Angelica, Myrrh, Frankincense raise the vibration

we can apply them locally in a little vegetable oil around the neck

To get out of your head, during hyper activity, and get back into your body, I recommend Sandalwood or Nard from the Himalayas, or in your heart with ylang ylang or jasmine.

To return on the contrary to a centered intellectual activity, clarity of thoughts, getting out of the emotional: I recommend the Cedar of the atlas or a spruce like the Green Myrtle or the Laurel (to be rubbed in the ENT sphere)

7. Eat healthy

avoid sugars, dairy products, meat (non-organic) - favor vegetables (organic) and unprocessed foods. Food strongly affects our vibratory rate, and especially the quality of food. Do an experiment and ask your body what is good for it and observe the movements of the body: does it go forward or on the contrary is it blocked? you can also do the test by taking food in hand and asking the body to respond.

Here is a video that includes some of these tips to create a healthy routine.

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