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Tantric Massage: Journey (in) of the Senses

What is the difference between a sensual massage, an erotic massage and a sexual massage? what to expect and how to differentiate one massage center from another?

As I provide massages, as I touch bodies, I receive many calls to find out if I also give tantric massages and to explain myself.

1)The sensual massage

Sensual: who is inclined towards the pleasures of the senses or whose appearance, behavior or work evokes the pleasures of the senses. Syn. Lascivious - voluptuous

A sensual massage is a massage administered from a human to a human, in all its richness: a warm palm-to-skin contact, and the magic of empathy, feelings, intuition can operate. This is also the essence of any massage worthy of the name. The sports massage administered by a physiotherapist will be local and administered as a medical gesture. Chinese massage is often very repetitive and formal, sometimes feeling robotic, without heat. Sensual massage provides a diffuse feeling of well-being as well as a feeling of unconditional love, benevolence, an almost embryonic feeling that softens our whole being.

The objective of this massage is to soothe our torments, regain self-confidence, in love, in life. Ideal in a period of low morale, energy or a breakup.

2) The erotic massage

eroticism (n.)
charm, erotic madness, lasciviousness, sensuality, sexuality, stupor, voluptuousness

This massage is clearly intended to relieve the client or the client in an unfulfilled sexual desire. A strong unchanneled drive (sexual energy is one of the most powerful there is) becomes devastating if it cannot be expressed. Often it goes through enjoyment. In this type of massage, nudity is required. Parts of the body such as the groin and the private parts, which are little used during a therapeutic massage, are much more so here, with the aim of increasing sexual arousal. It may even be that the customer receives a satisfaction of enjoyment (happy ending). This massage is often administered in more discreet massage centers, with lowered shutters, by scantily clad women. It is often called tantric but it only bears the name since the practitioner is not awakened nor trained in the practices of awakening.

It is often simply a way for the client to discharge their sexual energy.

3) Tantric massage

Tantric massage (in the original sense of the term), comes from the ancestral Indian tradition of "Tantra".

Tantra is a holistic approach to the study of the universal from the perspective of the individual: the study of the macrocosm through the study of the microcosm (...) to provide a practical means of realizing the ideals higher principles of philosophy in everyday life. " (Harish Johari)

The goal of Tantra is to increase our sensitivity in all states of consciousness. In order to expand this consciousness, deprogramming and reprogramming is necessary.

During the treatment, the therapist helps you descend into a depth of being thanks to the breath. Breathing is indeed the elevator that allows us to evolve in the different instances of being, to travel between the chakras.

It follows that the tantric massage is focused on the awakening of the vital energy lodged in the base of the spine: the Kundalini, this reptilian energy (which represents health in the ancient Greek tradition, of which it is the symbol) which revives all the Energy Centers of the body (the Chakras) and allows them to function to their full potential. This technique is of course induced when you make love "divinely well", ie by respecting the breath and the rhythm of each one and by working on this awakening in a conscious way. In the absence of a play partner, a massage can bring very good results. It will therefore be a question of awakening all our senses, and more specifically sexual energy, this powerful energy which runs through our spine from its base, in the lower part of the kidneys, at the level of the first chakra, to the top of our skull. The therapist is empowered to accompany the journey of this energy in order to circulate it in all the Centers and use it for purposes of spiritual awakening.

So to answer the question: I do not give tantric massage. For this, it is a question of building a relationship of trust and education with the therapist-patient. It is a rigorous work of mastering one's inner chemistry in order to accompany that of the patient.

I give a form of sensual massage: in particular the Massage of the 5 elements which is a massage - journey in the elementary dimensions of the body (Earth Water Fire Air Ether). Like an Indian music raga, it begins gently (Alap) and continues by increasing intensity and speed (TinTal) to finally return to a calmer tempo. This repeats at various times with certain variations of touch. This massage is ideal for rediscovering the pleasure of your body, and the various sensations it can bring us.

. Welcome to your reality.

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