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Our treatments


Harmonize body & soul on several dimensions 

Unblock emotions stored in the body, release childhood troubles, reach areas of relaxation that allow you to release even deeper clusters, sometimes family or karmic.

The first consultation begins with a short anamnesis in order to identify what is working on you at the moment, what is in your vortex. Sometimes I offer a little tuning to calm the disturbing emotions, affecting the breath. This allows for even deeper relaxation and more beneficial work. I work on the rebalancing of the chakras through sounds, smells and singing. Anything that will allow your being to be in its full potential again.

Choose the treatment  that speaks to you the most today, and we will adapt it to your specific needs at the time of the appointment.

I invite you to start with a balance sheet.


Mindful touch massages

Unconditional acceptance of the body, emotions and sensations in order to reinvest the areas of the body which are less loved or which have been neglected.

Benevolent rehabilitation of all parts of oneself to dissolve conflicts between thoughts, emotions, instincts (sex).


Experience letting go, letting go of control, letting yourself be deeply and authentically touched by the emotions and sensations generated in the body.


Allow the body to settle down and welcome anything that may arise, without the pressure of any result or performance to be achieved.

If speaking is not your need at the moment, it is interesting to go through the body.

Choose the massage time (1h, 90min, 2h) and we will adapt it to your current needs.

You can also book a ritual (3h), combined massage and talking time. 

Energy Healing (Access Bars™)

This treatment is an invitation to let go of the old memories that encumber us (like the ideas, the thoughts that we have and that poison our existence) to open ourselves to receive what is best.


By working on the quantum field, we allow ourselves to detach ourselves from our limiting thoughts, to free up storage space for all kinds of obsolete information and points of view, to make room for the new.


A Bars session lasts 45min-1h and takes place on the head where 32 points are activated. This provides deep relaxation that allows reprogramming at the cellular level, gradually releasing emotional storage.

We come out lighter, and after 3-4 sessions a whole new life is possible! many cases find a job, break free from an addiction, change partners, move house, and get their lives back together. 

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